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  • The initial idea behind linbsd was to create a OpenSource security enhanced linux based distribution with some features that were found only in the BSD's. The Initial focus was on chrooting system daemons, jailing sockets, trying to mimic BSD's jail() system call, and getting a nice ports system going for 2.2.x. As time went on and I ran out of it, I found it harder and harder to maintain a distribution by myself. Well as shit turns out, Gentoo was maintaining a python based ports system and had minor support for grsecurity but requires kernel recompile. Anyway I made the switch to Gentoo.
    In the future I may post some of the work I do on my personal gentoo servers here under the name of this project.
    I'm also kicking around the idea of maintaining a small embeddable size distribution using grsecuirty+pax acls targeted at wireless devices in the 2.4GHZ Range and the UniBand Frequencies.
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